Which side of me will win?

Elmo Decapitated

This morning I awoke in my own good time shortly after 10 am, without any intense rush of negative emotion or any need to say rude words. I had a little tinkle… well, quite a big tinkle probably, then set about my first task of the day. My friend Soops – who I can’t ever remember calling ‘Soops’ in person, but it seems to be the done thing these days – said that she would plug my blog on her blog if I made a Spotify playlist to go with it. Seems posting other people’s Spotify playlists is a regular thing on her blog and I reckon she’s got about 20 times the regular readers I have, so it had to be a good idea.

The other reason it was a good idea is that I used to love making (teehee… ‘love making’) themed mix tapes back when, y’know, tapes actually existed and I really miss doing that. I never used to have 8 million tracks to choose from either, so it’s even more fun with Spotify. I discovered some real gems that I think complement my blog beautifully. I’m no Spotify convert though. I despise advertising and if I’m going to pay for something, I want it to be something I can own and collect. I don’t care how much room it takes up in my flat.

Anyway here’s a link to the playlist…

I doubt you’ll hear many other playlists that feature both Elmo and Decapitated. If you can figure out how every track somehow relates to this blog then you’re doing well. I reckon the Queen one will be the toughest to nail down.

And here’s a link to Soops’ blog, which will feature a link to my blog on Friday, if you fancy clicking back and forth between the two like some kind of dim-witted dog chasing its information supertail…

If you’re into discovering up and coming band before everyone else, you must take a look. Take a look anyway, what the hell else have you got to do?

After I was done creating my playlist, I listened back to it while playing on my Xbox. I was happy with the result. There are some horribly jarring transitions, but then that’s my boring funny existence to a T.

I then boiled some rice and heated up some chilli and had it for my lunch while watching some more of The Gumball Rally, which is getting a bit dull. Then I decided to do the same thing as yesterday afternoon – popped on some shorts and hit the beach, book in hand.

It was noticeably windier and cloudier than yesterday, but still a fairly convincing facsimile of a summer’s day at the beach. This time I finished my book, which ended very bleakly, having been pretty bleak all the way through really. There was a lot of sex in though, particularly around the middle. I don’t think I’ve read another book that used the word ‘vulva’ quite so many times.

I came home, spent a couple more hours gaming, then heated up some more chilli for dinner, this time with chips and houmous. Oh yeah, really mixing things up.

Then I did this.

Don’t know about you, but I reckon this has been the most boring one so far. But then I said that before I made the image. The image is, I feel, ample compensation.


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  1. Alfred says:

    Bumball rally!

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