Which side of me will win?

The Drums Of Doom still beat in my heart

This morning I woke up, eventually got up, then had some food and went for a long walk along the beach in glorious sunshine. Then I went to Sainsbury’s, where nothing funny happened. But fuck all that today. Fuck it. This post will be neither boring nor funny.

When I got home I went on Facebook and saw that Udo ‘Mister Metal’ Sapper had posted his superb review of the Manowar show he attended in The Netherlands on Friday. It was here that I first learned of the terrible news.

On Monday April 4th Scott Columbus left this world behind. May he reign once again in the next.

The news got out on Tuesday, so I don’t know how I managed to miss it for so long, but I did. So it’s been a very sad day for me today.

Scott Columbus – and yes, that is his real name – was the former drummer of Manowar. Nicknamed ‘The Drums Of Doom’, Columbus served in the band between 1983 and 1990, then again between 1996 and 2008. Regrettably, I never saw him perform live, but he played on several of my favourite records. It hurts that he is gone.

Manowar is more than my favourite band. Manowar has come to mean so much to me over the last few years that I struggle to face up to the fact that, while their music and their spirit truly are immortal, eventually it will all have to end. No one lives forever, not even Manowar, and Scott’s passing has made that all too clear.

I shouldn’t dwell on my own fears regarding the future of Manowar though. A man with family and friends has died, and their loss is far greater than mine or any other Manowar fan’s.

Since I saw the news I have listened to Into Glory Ride, Hail To England and Sign Of The Hammer, just started on Fighting The World and will spend the rest of the evening completing my Columbus-era Manowar marathon.

Great were his deeds.
All his words were true.
He lived and died
A man of honour.


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