Which side of me will win?

The Fork of Retribution

This morning I woke up a little bit earlier than normal so that I could wash the dressing (as opposed to the marinade) out of my hair and scalp. I usually shower in the evening and not in the morning because the morning is for sleeping then working with as little as possible happening between the two.

I went back to bed for ten minutes after showering because that’s just how much I hate the morning, but then that meant I had to get up again. I’ll never learn. But I did eventually get up again, get dressed and head to work. Bus today, not enough time to walk. The bus was yellow, which means the Green Hornet would be powerless against it.

The wheels on the bus went round and round, which enabled it to deliver me to the centre of town, just a short walk from the office. Short, but uphill. Then we’re on the 2nd floor. I get giddy sometimes.

At work I did work. Still really tired. People have even been commenting on it. Not sure why I’m especially tired at the moment. Probably these hospital visits – not getting much chance to wind down and relax. Not really going at this blog with much enthusiasm right now either.

I finished work a bit late then walked home, which was uneventful. I got home, ate the sandwiches I forgot to take to work with me then did this. This has been such a poor effort that I’m going to flesh it out by revealing the tags on my blog posts that have brought people here. As always with these things, it makes for amusing but depressing reading…

love making

Does nobody want to read about Frankenfish?

Oh, and one last thing. Just in case anyone doesn’t believe the reason I used that picture of naked supermodels to illustrate yesterday’s blog, I used the same method today, but with a slightly different term. This time I Googled ‘Fork of Retribution’ and used the 55th image that came up. Weirdly, it didn’t really work as well as yesterday.


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