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Metalcamp 2011: The Lion, The Witch and The Warcult

The beach bar is one of the best things about Metalcamp. There are dozens of best things about Metalcamp, but that doesn’t mean that being one of them isn’t special still. The Metalcamp beach bar is special, believe me.

It’s located at the very tip of the festival site, at the point where the Tolminka river flows into the Soča river. The bar itself has a large half-sandy, half-stony beach in front of it, and there’s another large stony beach on the opposite bank of the Tolminka. On the opposite side of the Soča there’s nothing but a steep mountainside covered in dense forest. The Soča is famed for its vivid emerald blue-green colour, which makes it look like something from a fantasy movie. In fact, it featured in The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian film, some of which was shot a few miles up river from the Metalcamp site. It’s fucking stunning, basically.

At night you can’t see the colour of the water or much of the surrounding landscape, but the beach bar is still an awesome place to party so, after hanging out at Peter’s camp for a little while, that’s where he, Nina, Ash and I head. Slowly, as usual.

On the way to the beach bar we pass through the Metal Market where there are stalls selling clothing, CDs and full-plate armour. Here we bump into Arno again, and he’s looking a little lost. He tells us that about an hour earlier he received a phone call from his mum, who told him that his dad had just been diagnosed with cancer. He looks like he really doesn’t know what to do with himself, and none of us knows what to say. Part of me really wants to tell him that I know all too well what he’s going through, but I decide against it. Instead I just tell him sincerely that I hope it turns out okay. That’s all you can say, really.

I know how bad it could be because three years ago, my own dad was diagnosed with cancer, and within two months he was gone. But I also know that it isn’t necessarily disastrous news. Last year my mum was diagnosed with cancer, but one very promptly arranged operation later it was pretty much dealt with. She never even felt ill really. I had another chance meeting with Arno later in the week just before Alestorm on the second stage. He told me then that the outlook for his dad was very positive, so he was in a much better mood. He also gave me a mint in the shape of a cock. I was like, I wish mine tasted like this. Ahem…

Me and Arno, being piratey.

Anyway, shortly after we bumped into Arno on our way to the beach we bumped into some friends of Peter’s too. One of them produced a stack of small plastic cups and a fancy looking bottle from his bag. He handed us a cup each and poured us each a shot of the bottle’s contents. It smelled like petrol, but tasted fantastic. It was some kind of honey liqueur that was like a really strong version of mead. Ash and I later regretted not making a note of what it was called. I daresay had we made a note and subsequently got hold of a bottle of our own, we’d have regretted that too. But still…

By this point Ash and I are both starting to get a little drunk even though neither of us has bought a drink since we arrived, such is the generosity of Metalcampers. Our mood is good. Very good indeed.

The rest of the night is a bit hazy, apart from one major detail, which I will discuss in my next X-rated blog entry. I’ll sum up what else took place using a couple more photos Ash took…

Ash and Peter fell in love…

…and consummated their love ‘German-style’. Awww.


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