Which side of me will win?

Metalcamp 2011: “FAAH… KING… HEEEAH… ELL!”

The title of this blog entry is the closest approximation I can muster of the syllables Ash silently mouths as his scrotum is immersed in the icy cold waters of the Soča for the first time. When he returns to the beach he tells me that he had thought I was exaggerating when I said that the river was only a few degrees above freezing. I wasn’t. It is.

In order to keep from dying of the cold, Ash tells me he swam to the opposite bank and nearly got swept away by the current, which suddenly gets much stronger on the far side. He also encountered what he at first thought was the legendary Beast Of The Soča, but it turned out to be just some guy who was swimming around in a hazmat suit and gas mask for reasons best known to himself. The Beast Of The Soča scenario is pretty unlikely really given that not only is there no such beast, but also no such legend.

I got up to no such adventures during my dip in the river, but I enjoyed it immensely anyway. Not only does the water cool me down and clean me up, the shock of the cold temperature jump-starts my whole system. It’s somehow both energising and relaxing at the same time, and easily the best hangover cure I’ve ever known. I love it, but it seems Ash may have found it a bit of an ordeal and doesn’t go in again for the rest of the week.

I didn’t get a photo of Ash’s Soča face, but this one of Will’s from last year should give you an idea (different Will to the one mentioned elsewhere in this blog).

We spend a couple of hours at the beach bar just chilling out, reading and listening to metal (recorded – there’s no live music at the beach bar), as early evening approaches, we head back to camp to prepare for the evening’s festivities. By this point, the live music is underway, and as we pass by the arena entrance, Brujeria are kicking their set off.

Brujeria are a Mexican gangster metal band, except they’re not really. They’re actually a super-group made up of members of various other metal bands. It’s never quite clear who is in the band because they all wear bandanas over their faces because they’re ‘wanted by the FBI’. We don’t go in to see them, but we can hear them pretty clearly from our camp. I can’t say their music really grabs me, and Ash hates them because he can’t hear the words and therefore can’t follow the stories. Honestly, he says this about so many bands, it’s embarrassing. And he brought earplugs! I mean… please!

Ashley ‘That’s not music, that’s just noise’ Day

Brujeria finish their set with a cover of the Macarena retitled ‘Marijuana’. Do you see what they did there?

Croatian Guy appears briefly and tells us he’s off to see Moonspell who are on next. I don’t want to see Moonspell because I think they’re a load of old pants, and Ash isn’t convinced either, so while they’re on we remain at camp eating, drinking, faffing about and occasionally saying, “Yeah, they’re a bit shit really, aren’t they?” to each other.

We set off for the arena at the end of Moonspell’s set though because next up is a band I do want to see – Arch Enemy. Ash asks me if he’ll like them. I tell him he probably won’t like the singer – she’s a growler.


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