Which side of me will win?

I’d like to show you Matic

One of the many reasons I want to stay in Slovenia is that many Slovenes love the British sense of humour and are big fans of classic British comedy, so this is one foreign country where I would probably be able to continue my hobby of performing stand-up comedy, in English.

I haven’t performed here yet, but one thing I do know is that in social situations it is an absolute piece of piss to make these people laugh. Like, hysterically. Half the time I’m not even being remotely funny as far as I’m concerned, but something as simple as the way I phrase something when I’m talking can elicit giggles, chortles and sometimes even guffaws.

The best example I have is just so, so simple. It took no real effort on my part, but has had folk in fits of laughter on more than one occasion and had me labelled ‘a genius’. That’s going a bit far, really. You’ll see what I mean about it being too easy to make them laugh in just a second.

The first time I met a bloke called Matic, he didn’t tell me his real name, he told me a nickname, which I think was Želva. I saw his name was Matic when he added me on Facebook, but I didn’t know how it sounded.

Then I met another one. This one told me his real name and it was when I heard my voice repeating what he said that I realised what it sounded like. It sounds like an English speaker saying “my tits”, or more specifically “m’ tits”. I didn’t say anything at the time though. Didn’t want to appear rude.

Then I met another one and… I just couldn’t contain it any more. I waited until we’d had a few beers and got to know each other for a bit then told him, and our two mutual friends, what his name sounded like. None of them had noticed this before. Hysterics ensued.

I’ve met about five Matices now and they’re never insulted by my observation in the slightest. They join in on the joke enthusiastically. All I have to do is sit there saying things like,

“Has anyone seen Matic?”
“Matic was looking a bit wobbly earlier.”
“Are you looking at Matic?”
“I can’t find Matic anywhere.”
“Someone needs to get hold of Matic.”

And so on.

Honestly, this keeps these poor bastards incapacitated with laughter for hours. And Matic is such a common name that there’s always at least one around.

I think I’ve made my point. I’ll leave you thinking about Matic.


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