Which side of me will win?

Ubi Žabara! Svi’ja Policija!

This weekend I went to a proper professional football match for the first time ever. I’d been invited to ‘The Eternal Derby’ by Vasja, a hardcore NK Maribor supporter whose piercing, homicidal stare belies a warm, friendly disposition. The Eternal Derby is the biggest grudge match in Slovenian club football NK Maribor versus NK Olimpija Maribor – the PrvaLiga (don’t ask me to say it… actually, it’s probably like, “ProwerLeega”) league’s two best teams representing the country’s two biggest cities. Read the rest of this entry »


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There’s something inherently juvenile and lame about telling people the story of how you got into a fight – especially a fight as silly and clumsy and messy and embarrassing and crap as the one I got into last night – but the fact is that fights make for good stories.

The story of my Friday night goes… I had a nap, ate dinner then watched Dead Set on 4oD. That’s a shit story. The story of my Saturday night is loads better because I had a fight. It was a crap fight, but it’s still a good story.

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