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Last King of VisitScotland says Edinburgh is great because of Rubber Chicken Disorder

Former chief executive of VisitScotland, Professor Philip Riddle, has declared Rubber Chicken Disorder one of just two reasons why the Edinburgh Festival is “the greatest show on earth”. Well, sort of.

In a piece titled ‘An unscripted success’ posted on, Riddle makes a no doubt very profound point about the value of the Edinburgh Festival (that I’m just a little bit too stupid to understand and too excited to read properly anyway), using Rubber Chicken Disorder to illustrate just how rich and broad the Festival is by comparing it to the National Ballet of China.

“Edinburgh in August…” muses Riddle whimsically, “This has really got to be the greatest show on earth. From The National Ballet of China at the Festival Theatre to something called Rubber Chicken Disorder in the back of a pub, there are thousands of events filling every nook and cranny. The city is pulsating with creativity and exuberance.” Read the rest of this entry »


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